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Uz Jsme Doma

Uz Jsme Doma, (pronounced oosh-smeh-dough-ma), are a progressive avantgarde kazz-punk band from Czech Republic. It was active in keeping freedom during the totalitarian system in former Czechoslovakia and due to that, the band had played mostly on illegal level and in constant danger of jail.

The band's approach to arrangements is unique in the world of rock. They bring the instruments and vocals in different directions within the same scales and keys to create a dense melodic atmosphere. In addition, their rhythms often accent off-beats and half-beats, throwing the listener in unexpected directions. The band is also fond of shifts between time signatures and the insertion of extra beats in the shaping of the mood of the song.

Band tours frequently whole the world - till now they visited 43 different countries, major part of them took USA (more than 700 shows in almost all states), but as well as Japan, New Zealand, Israel, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, etc etc.

The band has, to date, released eight proper studio albums, two live albums, several DVD's and many compilations all over the world. They collaborate to theatre, film or occasionally they play with symphonic orchestra.

They collaborated very closely to the world famous band The Residents on their Freak show and later they released album Moravian Meeting, where UJD and Randy, the singer of The Residents, perform together.

Artist Martin Velisek is the non-playing and mostly non/travelling UJD member. His unique, absurd cartoon style, replete with alarming flourishes of realism, gruesomeness and beauty, gives UJD records their distinct look.

Lineup 2024:
Miroslav Wanek (guitar, keyboards, lead vocal)
Martin Velisek (brushes - non/playing, non/traveling, but painting)
Adam Tomasek (trumpet, vocal)
Pepa Cervinka (bass, vocal)
Vojtech Boril (drums)